Reconciliation:  to reconcile; to make friendly again; to settle differences; to bring harmony; to make content Read:  2 Corinthians 5:17-20 New International Version (NIV) Lent or Advent is a great time for Confession because both seasons are times for preparation and self examination. Those of us in the Episcopal Church don’t think much about Reconciliation (or … [Read more…]


Have you ever heard people trying to describe God’s grace?  It’s kind of hard to describe something that is not palpable. We all know that we don’t have to see to believe.  So, what is God’s grace? We humans are a strange lot—coming from all different walks of life!  But it doesn’t matter who you … [Read more…]

One Year and Counting!

One year and counting!  On February 6 we celebrated our first anniversary as a community of faith.  How nervous I was to go to this meeting in Boyd, wondering what we would say and do.  I prayed that morning, asking our Lord to let me speak His words and to fill me with His peace.  … [Read more…]

Giving of Your Time and Talent

Many people believe if they donate money to a cause they can then forget about the charity, mission, or people who might be receiving the funds.   But, giving is more than that.  Giving from the heart means to put yourself in their place and perhaps even try to feel what they are feeling.  I … [Read more…]

Seventh Sunday after Easter

Praise God from whom all blessing flow….. If y’all could have been with us today you would have felt the Holy Spirit!  The calla lilies at the foot of the altar were actually crying!  Each leaf had a drop of dew hanging from its tip and I immediately felt they were tears…..tears of joy!  The mission … [Read more…]

Fifth Sunday of Easter

Well folks, today it sounded like we had a full house. Eighteen strong, we were, and we sang our hearts out as Sarah Walker played beautiful tunes to some lovely hymns. It was an emotional service for me because the hymns spoke of such love, and I felt the outpouring of love of all who are praying for … [Read more…]

Sunday, Morning Prayer II

Hi everyone: Yesterday we had 11 people worshipping with us at the Boonsville Community Center.  It was a very nice service, with music/hymns and all.  We are incorporating intercessory prayer at  the proper spot in the prayer book to pray for those with special needs, for those who have died, and also prayers of thanksgiving … [Read more…]

Easter Sunday Service, 4-5-15

Hi everybody: Today was one of the most beautiful days EV-ER!  The rain was a blessing even though it made it just a tad messy this morning…no complaints here. Today we had 16 people at the service.  We were so proud to meet Canon Janet’s husband, Ed, and their children Wynne and Ben.  All of … [Read more…]

March 23

Oh Boy!  How wonderful it was to have Bishop High celebrate Holy Eucharist at our little Community Center on Sunday, March 22.  We had three days to get something together that would be appropriate and everyone did his part to make it happen.  So many thanks to folks; JD Todd got prayer books and candlesticks … [Read more…]