December Mission of the Month

Lydia Hiatt is a teacher at Boyd Elementary School in Wise County.  She stated that there was a need for school supplies for the next semester of school–after Christmas.  A list of supplies was given to the congregation and before you knew it, things began to appear in the box we provided for the collection. … [Read more…]

November Mission of the Month

Deborah Dery was instrumental in wanting to serve the homeless in the Wise County area.  Her idea was to get warm items such as socks, scarves, hats, throws, etc., as well as personal hygiene items to people who were living on the street.  She checked with several agencies as well as law enforcement and was … [Read more…]

October Mission of the Month

In October, Angie Whitley asked that we fill shoe boxes with items for children in third world countries who have very little and would be overjoyed to receive even a toothbrush or a box of crayons.  So, our mission was “Operation Christmas Child,” in conjunction with Samaritan’s Purse.  There were three different boy and girl … [Read more…]